Englefield Green Social Hall

Stage Area

The stage area in the Social Hall is at one end of the Main Hall which forms the auditorium when the stage is used. The stage area comprises of the raised stage and wings, a front thrust apron that extends the stage by approximately 1m, and 2 dressing rooms behind the stage. There is also a permantly installed theatrical lighting rig that is available to hire at an additional charge.


Overall stage area is 20ft wide by 12ft to the proscenium arch, with the thrust apron extended there is an additional 4ft in front of the proscenium/front tabs(Green). the wings either side are approximately 4ft deep with steps at the rear to the dressing room.
Mid stage has 3 sets of cross stage tabs, 2 sets approximately 4ft upstage from the front tabs (Black and Grey), 1 set approximately 3ft downstage from the cyclorama (Beige)

Dressing Rooms.
There are 2 small dressing rooms behind the stage with a connecting door, each room has a small basin and speakers so progress on stage can be monitored.

The stage has a permantly installed lighting rig, this is available for an additional charge, while most of the lanterns are traditional analogue fixtures they are controlled through DMX dimmer racks, these can be controlled from the stage area or the remote connection at the Harvest Road end of the main hall. Anyone using the lanterns does so at their own risk and will need to provide their own insurance cover.

Stage, view cross-stage to wings SL Stage, view cross-stage to wings SR Dressing Room 1 Dressing Room 1

Dressing Room 2 Dressing Room 2 Lighting Patching area