About Us

Serving The Community

The Social Hall is a community building that is managed by St. Jude's Players, a local amateur dramatics society that uses the hall as their main venue.
The building is owned by the Runnymede Borough Council and the Players have a long term lease to manage the hall and its facilities for the general benefit of the community, under the lease the council monitors the management of the building but all the day to day activities and upkeep of the premises is the responsibility of St. Jude's Players.
There is a long history of community involvement with the Social Hall from its original concept as a coffee tavern when the main building was built in the 19th century, a sports and social club in the early 20th century, later a school, before its current use for general hire. 
The Social Hall is managed and maintained as a non-profit enterprise, all operating surplus from the hire of the premises are used to maintain and improve the facilities.

Since St. Jude's Players took over responsibility for the building in 1997 the group has raised over £200,000 from a variety of sources to improve the general standard of the building, as well as specific work to meet changes in legislation.